Now and Zen

San Diego is truly gifted to have in its midst the musical treasure Adrienne Nims, performer extraordinaire.

Adrienne NIms

A jazz heavyweight, Adrienne is equally at home with Latin and African syncopations infused with irresistible grooves, driving hip-hop, and elegant, ethereal melodies that melt into your body. Her fans include saxophone lover San Diego Padre Tony Gwynn, who requested her appearance at his hall of fame induction gala in October.

Now and Zen , Adrienne's first solo world music CD, showcases her talent for expressing the limitless variety and boundless beauty of nature in a meditative format. I loved it, and recommend it highly. And at the same time, I have to say that it presents only one of the many aspects of Adrienne's virtuosity. Go to her Web site to order or, order at . Better yet, meet Adrienne personally and get the CD at any of her live performances.

Listening to Adrienne tease more range, melody out of an instrument than you would ever believe possible is vastly more than a treat, but it hardly compares with the experience of watching while you listen. A master of showmanship, she dazzles the eye with color, movement, and an array of flutes, saxophones, and other global instruments as gorgeous to look at as they are magnetic to the ear. An evening with Adrienne goes beyond sensual, beyond entertainment. Seeing her perform live fills you with the miracle of life, lifts you up out of your chair, makes you want to hold on forever to that bliss.

Adrienne Nims has performed openings for such greats as Spyro Gyra, Joe Cocker, Al DiMeola, Fourplay, Steppenwolf, Najee and Boz Scaggs. She is passionate energy and dazzling musicianship. Her expressive intensity and love of music will linger with you long after the last note. 

You must not let life go by without experiencing the musical world of this divine performer. Doubt my word? I challenge you to catch her with members of her band, Spirit Wind. Check her performance schedule for a venue.


December 2007 issue of Light Connection Magazine (Pages 39 & 40)

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