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Dazzling and breathtaking! none of us could believe our eyes and ears and have never experienced
such good music outside of an overcrowded arena...Lauren & Joe M.
he best concert we ever had!!... Sharon Thomerson-- head librarian of San Diego's North Clairemont
She is incredible - amazing....girljazzlvr
Adrienne Nims and Spirit Wind--Dovetailing contemporary jazz with world music and aided by an
impressive array array of flute & sax sounds. Adrienne Nims plays music that will please...SD Citybeat
Adrienne Nims is so talented and exuberant and joyful. Her soul reaches all corners of the universe
when she plays and you know she has a brilliant expression of creative genius when you listen and see
her play. Spirit Wind is incredible and very talented...Holly K
Adrienne is a musical sorceress who weaves her spell with enchanging, captivating tones that reach
into the inner core of each listener...Hector V.
I had the great pleasure of seeing & hearing Adrienne perform, and it touched my heart. Adrienne is a
total musical being from top to toe and when she plays, her soul shines through...Pam S
Wow. Wow. Wow. Amazing music...Kate D
Adrienne's music is magnetically strong. With her three saxophones slung around her body like
bandoliers, Adrienne in performance is as much a visual phoenomenon as a musical experience.
Her body rhythms flow to the fluid syncopation of Brazil and Africa and the driving tempo of hip hop
as she teases the full melodious range from her many instruments. The trills of her flute ride high
and free over the rhythm of percussion. With her infectious musical flair and compelling physical
appearance and prowess, Adrienne more than entertains; her energy lifts one to another level of
enjoyment of performing musical arts and one's own potential for being fully alive. Her musical
expression and commanding presence in combination make all background recede into incidence...Chip H
Rarely in my lifetime have I been fortunate enough to experience the likes of Adrienne Nims. To say that
she embodies a combination of God-given talent and passion in her art, cannot really capture the essence of
her uniqueness! I can honestly say that I have never been in the presence of someone who has the capacity
to become as one with her instruments as she does. She is able to coax and caress tones and nuances
from them that transport to an ethereal plane. I try never to miss one of her performances in the area
because I feel so transfixed and transformed each and every time! We are blessed to have her in
San Diego, and I wish for her the success and appreciation she deserves both here and elsewhere...Tom C.
Adrienne's music touches your soul! All personsl blessed to hear her melodies are spiritually uplifted
out of their seats onto the dance floor!!! Adrienne is an untapped resource whom ultimately will be discovered
and brought to national, if not worldwide audiences. I highly suggest all Southern Californians take in our
local treasure before she is gone to a larger stage!!!...Freddy W.
We are so attentive and appreciative of the joy and virtuosity of Adrienne Nims and Spirit Wind...John & Mary S.
As her illustrious musical journey continues to unfold, it is already clear that Adrienne Nims has made a
distinct and indelible mark. A smooth force with the keen ability to connect all the elements of her
surroundings into a wonderful arrangement of melodic bliss, Adrienne is an artist in the truest form.
One that understands that art is a necessity, not a luxury. Her prolific body of work could speak for itself,
but time and time again she delivers on the grandest stages with finely tuned performances that could evoke
the spirit of jazz legends past. She moves with such grace allowing herself to make her presence felt without
being ostentatious. Displaying a range that is unparalleled, she seems to flourish even more alongside her
dynamic band, Spirit Wind. At the core of her music lies in the very fabric of Adrienne's soul and the
beautifully crafted sounds that emerge are the end result...Teddy T.
A Spiritual connection to the earth embodied as a gift through musical performance and dance...Rick S